Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Simple- Simply Sweet Skin

Simply Sweet Skin

I met Catina the owner of Simply Sweet Skin in a makeup group we are both in. She makes all sorts of bath and body goodies to keep you clean and smelling good. She has soaps, lotions, lip butters, scented body glitter gels, scrubs, perfumes, and face masks. I have to say that she offers different types of most of those categories which is awesome. Soaps there are whipped ($6/4oz), salt bars($5), cupcakes, rubber duckies($5.50), gnomes, and several more. Lotions there are the solid lotion sticks($6.50/small), whipped body frosting($9.25/4oz), and spray lotions($6.50). Perfumes she offers spray oil perfumes($9), solid perfumes($8.50). Scrubs come in salt($9.25/4oz) or sugar($9/4oz). Face treats in several dry face masks($8.25/2oz) that you can mix with your choice of wet ingredient, and reviving facial sprays($5.25/1oz). You can visit her fan page by clicking here to find the latest sale she is offering, which she usually always has some sort of deal going. You can find her Artfire shop by clicking here where you will probably find something I haven't mentioned because she is always creating something new. I decided to do a short interview with Catina, so I am going to share with you now.

1- How long have you been creating bath and body products? 
As a hobby, I have been doing it about 5 years. Selling for about 3. 
2- What made you decide to make bath and body products?
I was a stay at home mom and student. I decided I needed a "hobby" so I picked up one of those soap making kits from Michaels. It was love at first soaping

3- What is your highest selling product?  
My whipped body frosting ($9.25) - that's due to it being completely all natural oils and butters. No added water or fillers.

4- What is your most popular scent? 
Right now it's frosted like cupcake!

5- What is your favorite product and scent? 
I love the whipped creme soap/shaving creme! It's an amazing cleanser and doubles as shaving creme. It contains added evening primrose oil and vitamin E for sensitive skin and to prevent shaving rash. I love Bare Naked scent - very light, tropical and summery!

6- Are there any other crafts you do? If so will you be incorporating them into your bath line? 
I also make household smellies - room/linen spray, wax melts, aroma beads, etc - Not sure if I am going to eventually add them or not.

7- Do you have any new products you're working on?  
Yep! Working on a few different scrubs, a foot spa collection, and some new soaps! Oh, and a Bug-B-Gone stick for summer that isn't full of chemicals! Also, will be selling my hand blended botanical oils soon!

8- Is there anything you want your customers to know about you or your bath line? 
I am a firm believer in being as natural as possible. I absolutely adore blending essential oils and making my own perfumes and scents. I also try not to use bases for the majority of my products. I like to truly hand make them. If they are from a base I don't mind letting that be known.

I took advantage of a 10% off sale and got a sample pack($6) that includes 5 sample sized products. You can choose from solid lotion, solid perfume, perfume oil, dry facial masks, soap/salt bar, whipped body frosting ,sugar/salt scrubs, whipped creme soap, you also get to choose your scent on most of those.
   Cute packaging for my order       
My sample pack

  If you pick soap or the dry face mask Catina will choose those scents for you. I picked whipped body frosting, sugar scrub, whipped creme soap in black raspberry vanilla or frosted lime cupcake, solid lotion and solid Perfume in black raspberry vanilla. Yeah I couldn't make up my mind so I left it up to her lol. Hey for me it is a win win situation, I love bath and body products and love to be surprised when I get a package. Included with my order was a sample size bar of Apricot Freesia bar soap.She normally includes a sample of a product with every order.

Bar soap sample included with my order
I could smell what was in my package before I even opened it, it smelled soooo good. Of course I tore into it immediately and found everything that could leak was packaged separately in ziploc bags and each item was also heat sealed. There was also a little scooper spoon so that you don't have to dig your fingers into the pots. I thought that was a great idea and was a nice special touch that I haven't seen with other companies.

Let's get to the products...they are highly scented but not overwhelming. I had 2 testers on hand when I got my package and we went right to work. We used the creme soap in Frosted lime cupcake on our hands first and this is how I acquired my 3rd tester my nephew. As soon as he smelled the soap in action he asked if it was only for girls and of course I told him no so he joined in. (Testers were my daughters who are 14 and 10, also my nephew who is 9.) It is thick and with not a lot of bubbles but man does it feel good and leave your skin feeling clean. After the creme soap we used the Frosted lime cupcake sugar scrub, it is thick and full of oils to moisturize the skin as you scrub off the dead skin. Then we ended with the Black raspberry vanilla body frosting. It is a thick formula that just soaks right into your skin and doesn't have a greasy feel to it. Out of the 4 of us only one didn't care for the body frosting at first but after a few minutes decided she liked it too, she needed a few extra minutes to let it soak in lol. I would definitely say that using those 3 things was way better for my hands that the Mary Kay Satin Hands treatment I had used a few days before, it had left my hands super dry and so rough feeling. I have used the lotion stick on my hands several times and it is really nice and perfect to carry in your purse or even a pocket. The solid perfume smells so good and seems to last several hours. The bar soap left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized, honestly I preferred the creme version. Wow did I just say that??? I am usually a bar soap kinda girl but I LOVE the creme soap it definitely won me over. My youngest daughter has snagged the bar soap from me and says it smells so good and made her legs not ashy looking and that I can't have it back haha.

I will definitely buy again and recommend to at least give it a try for yourself. The sample pack is a great way to sample several products/scents to decide what is best for you. I received my order rather quickly, everything was packaged nicely, and I loved the little scooper spoon. If you visit her page let her know I sent you, also right now there is a code on her page for first time buyers to receive a nice discount. I want to thank Catina for taking the time to answer my questions so that we could all get to know her a little better.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Opinions here are mine and my chosen testers, the products we tested were purchased by me with the exception of the bar soap which was included graciously by the shop owner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working Together Wednesday

It All Adds Up

Are you interested in giving back a little something and not sure where to start? There are so many ways that you can give and make a difference in the life of someone. 
This week an opportunity popped up and I wanted to help spread the word. A friend who owns Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics ( I will refer to as ARC) posted on her fan page about an opportunity to donate to a good cause. Racheal the owner and mastermind of ARC is collecting items and or donations to make some beauty kits to send off to an organization called GEMS. GEMS is an organization that helps young girls and women who have been the victims of sexual exploitation and domestic sex traffiking. 

Let me just give you a little background on GEMS and what their organization stands for. GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services) was founded in 1998 by a woman who herself was sexually exploited. Her organization helps girls ranging from the ages of 12 to 24 years old to see how beautiful they are and how much better their lives can be if given the support and understanding needed to turn their lives around. I encourage you to visit the site for GEMS and learn more about them. You can do so by clicking anywhere you see the word GEMS on this page. 

You can visit Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics fan page by clicking here ARC to see updates on the care packages she is hoping to send off in the next few weeks. She is asking for donations of makeup brushes, eyeshadow base, just about any other type of makeup needs. I know the plan is to send 50 individual beauty bags to these ladies, ARC is donating 250 samples as well as 50 full sized shadows from their own line that can be found by clicking here. Before you run away thinking 50 items is a lot I don't have that kind of money, you don't have to send 50 of anything. Even if you can send 1 or 2 things it is a great help. If you don't or can't mail items off to ARC you can donate money, or purchase items online and have sent straight to Racheal at ARC. I know my budget is tight but, I was at Big Lots and found single eyeshadow brushes for $.60 so I bought 10 that is only $6. You can find Elf brushes for $1 at some Targets and KMarts. Even if you can't help passing the info along to others DOES help. So let me give you the info to contact Racheal so you can ask any questions you may have, you can email her at ARCpigments@gmail.com Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 
ARC has provided a donate now button so that you can just click the button and donate any amount of cash you would like. I can't get the code to work to put it here on the blog. I've tried everything I know to do. If I get it figured out I will get it on here for you.

Remember the change we want in this world has to begin somewhere why not let it start with you. 


Peace, Love and Cupcakes

***I am not personally accepting donations towards the GEMS care packages. Please use the contact information above for Racheal of Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics(ARC) to make donations or for further questions.*** 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Sprinkles...Blah and all that other good stuff

Blah and all that other good stuff.

I'm afraid this weeks Sunday Sprinkles wont be a long one, I am just blah today. I do have plans for a few posts this week though so be on the look out for them. This past week I have not felt very good between aches and pains, headaches, and just being plain old tired like some strange power has sucked all the energy out of me.

I blame most of it on Mother Nature and her cruel sense of humor. 

One day it is 90 degrees out and then drops to the 50's in a matter of 2 days, what is up with that? Make up your mind already let's just set the thermostat to 75 and be done with it for a few weeks lady.

I also blame my daughter's music teacher who thinks that sending my child home with a musical instrument is a good idea. 

Yes if we lived in a home with a basement, a yard, or hey how about a 2 acre yard it would be a great idea. I just don't think it is in a 2 bedroom apartment. I am now plotting out collecting all the kids from the elementary school and their recorders and dropping them off at that woman's home so they can put on a nice 2 hour concert for her at say 6 or 7 in the morning. Don't get me wrong I am all for children learning to play an instrument, I just think maybe the companies selling them should also provide us with a mute button or maybe some ear plugs. Just for the record I am looking forward to the day this is lost among the many other things my children have lost in their piles of things in their room. 

I blame my teenage daughters hormones and mood swings that go along with it.
I know I know I was once there too, but that doesn't mean I have to like it as a parent. Now I have to go apologize to my mother who had 6 girls to deal with one right after another. Oh and 2 of those were twins so double your pleasure double your fun lol, my poor mom. I think I say watch your tone of voice, don't talk to me like that, or just go to your room more than I say anything else these days. I try to have hope that it is almost over and then realize that I have another one getting ready to go through this any day now. So now I just sit in a corner rocking, holding myself repeating the serenity prayer over and over again. 

I am determined that this week will be better than last week. I refuse to have a blah week again. Even if we have no sunshine, gloomy skies and rain this WILL be a better week if it kills me. Just remind me I said this if I get all grumpy and down again.                                                       

Peace, Love and Cupcakes

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Sprinkles Things I learned from my mom

my mom

Today is a day to celebrate moms whether you're the mom to be celebrated or you are celebrating having a mom. Now I know there are some situations where you may not have the best relationship with your mom but none the less she is the reason you are here today. I think that is enough reason to acknowledge her today. 

Through the years my mom has taught me so many things, to some they may be trivial but to me they make life more interesting and fun. I thought for the fun of it I would also let my daughters follow up my ramblings with their thoughts on Mother's Day and what it means to them. So onto my ramblings....

My mom has taught me that family is not about the blood running through veins, it is about the love flowing through your heart.
My mom and her daughters 3 by birth 3 were adopted
not pictured is my sister Gena who passed away and I miss terribly
My girls

My mom taught me that sometimes you have to take the unbeaten path to get where you need to go.
my mom and Sierrah

She taught me that true friends are the ones who will be there for you no matter what. They will love you at you best and love you even more at your worst. They will laugh with you, cry with you, and encourage you.
mom and Pat, I can't seem to find a pic of Debbie but she has been my moms best friend for what seems like forever and I am now on a mission to get more Debbie pics

Sometimes you have to take the back seat and let your kids try something new.No matter how much it scares the snot out of you.
 Sierrah, Lisa and mom

To be a kid when the time calls for it.
mom, Sylvester and Tweety
See the beautiful things in places many others wouldn't
Queen Anne's Lace

Unconditional love
  Peanut my foster son for 3 1/2 years

You can make something special out of very little
4th of July cake I made

There are so many other things my mom has taught me but I will pass the keyboard over to my girls so they can share their thoughts of Mothers Day.

Hannah's thoughts
I think Mother's Day is a day to celebrate your appreciation for the women who takes/took care of you. A good way to celebrate your thanks is Gifts,loving words,and/or emotions.A mom is a women parent who takes care of her child/children. My mom is Christie Lynn Brooks! We have shared many times together. But the best times are the exciting/fun times. Like when we went to six flags! We had a lot of fun although the only roller coaster i went on was the mine train . Some other things we do together are Swimming,Talking, Playing around,and more!I love my mom!!She is very important and precious to me!!!My mom is all mine.Key words MY MOM!Thank you mommy for everything. It means a lot to me! I love you , happy Mother's Day.                                                                                                                                                              Pooter
Me and my girls
And now for Sierrah's thoughts...  
What Mother's Day means to me is to take one day and celebrate the women who have taken care of us. To let them have one day off from cooking and cleaning etc. To show our appreciation and love for our mothers. To show how much they mean to us. Without them we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be the people we are now without them. They help us get through our troubles and our fears. They also help us get through the parts of life when we start changing. They teach us right from wrong and teach us which one to use in certain situations. they will be there for you no matter what you do. Just show your mom a little love on Mothers Day.I am thankful I had Christie there to take care of me because without her I probably wouldn't be alive right now. Even though she didn't give birth to me she will always be my mom. I love you Christie. Happy Mothers Day. 

To every mom out there thank you. Thank you for being the backbone of your family, for taking the time to kiss the boo boo's away, for the cuddles after a scary dream, for giving even when you feel like there is nothing left to give. Thank you to the mothers who made the decision to allow someone else to raise your angel, without you I know my life wouldn't be the same. To the mommas of the furry babies thank you for giving your furry babies a loving home.

Peace, Love and Cupcakes

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sprinkles...Change and Acceptance

This past week or two I have thought a lot about change and acceptance. Let me share a few things with you that I have come across, I will warn you that some of it is very disturbing. Please view the video without any younger kiddos around.
Let me just say I am disgusted by that video on so many levels. Where to start? The fact that this even happened to someone? The fact that the employees not only sat and watched, one even video taped the beating, AND yes and cheered this attack on. That the attackers were 18 and 14 years old? That when an elderly woman tried to help she was cursed at and pushed by these girls? Is this what this world has come to? Is this the type of world YOU want for your children, nieces, nephews, grandbabies? A world where attacks on someone are ok, where it is acceptable to not only video tape something so vicious but cheer it on? A world where there is no respect for the elderly let alone the human race? 
This is a video made by members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Again please use your own discretion with viewing this video around children.
Now as crazy as it may sound I feel sorry for these people. I am sorry that they have chosen to take the words of the Bible that they hold so dear and twist those words to suit their own agenda. I am sorry that they even use the word christian to describe themselves. I am sorry that they feel it is ok that they try to envoke shame on men and women who not only serve to protect our country but many other countries freedoms. To me this is not a church it is a group of delusional men and women who in claiming they want love and peace they are spewing hate and death. Again I ask is this the kind of world you want your children, nieces, nephews and grandbabies raised in? A world where it is ok to protest at a 9yr old childs funeral because "God hates Catholics" (this little girls family is catholic) and the founder of this "church" thanked God for the shooting in Tuscan that killed 6 innocent people and injured 19 others. 

Teens beating a sleeping homeless man. Again use your discretion viewing around children.
Teens beat an elderly man and woman, killing the man. A "game" being played referred to as the knock out game. Once again use discretion while viewing around children.
These are just a few examples of what our world is coming to. Sadly more and more you hear of teenagers committing crimes like these. It is up to us as parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents to teach our children right from wrong. Our children are our future leaders, they are going to be the ones setting the tone for our next generations. I have 2 daughters, 14 (tomorrow) and 10 years old it scares me to think that one of my babies could be targeted because of their race, sexual orientation, or their beliefs. Is it too much for us to teach our children that just because someone is different than what we think is normal, it is ok? While we may not agree with the choices someone else makes for their lives violence is NOT the answer. I want my girls to be strong, independent, educated women who are full of love and acceptance. Not violent, hate filled, self centered bullies who think their beliefs are the only way. 
Change begins with us!!! So many claim to want to see something different in years to come but do nothing to help that change happen. I as a parent have always tried to tell my girls that just because someone looks different, speaks different, dresses different, acts different than they do does not mean it is wrong. It means that other person has something very special to share with them if they give them a chance. I have a very diverse family which some may argue that is what makes me so opened minded. I think what makes me so open to accepting people for who they are is the fact I am different to them and I think of how I would feel if I wasn't accepted for who I am. I think a lot of the problems today come from the fear of things we don't understand and the lack of wanting to learn about those things. It is much easier to form opinions on things based on what others tell us. Pick up a book, research things that are different so that you can have knowledge in those areas. 
I know this post is a pretty intense one but I am not going to apologize for that. I think it is high time we take responsibility for the things happening in the world and figure out what it is we can do to make the changes we so desperately need. I challenge you to do something this week that will make a difference, something that makes a positive impact on the life of someone who is different than yourselves. It may be somethings as small as giving up a closer parking space, paying for someones lunch, holding the door for someone, read a book to a child in your life that encourages acceptance of others. Change begins with us what are you willing to do?
Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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