Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sprinkles...Change and Acceptance

This past week or two I have thought a lot about change and acceptance. Let me share a few things with you that I have come across, I will warn you that some of it is very disturbing. Please view the video without any younger kiddos around.
Let me just say I am disgusted by that video on so many levels. Where to start? The fact that this even happened to someone? The fact that the employees not only sat and watched, one even video taped the beating, AND yes and cheered this attack on. That the attackers were 18 and 14 years old? That when an elderly woman tried to help she was cursed at and pushed by these girls? Is this what this world has come to? Is this the type of world YOU want for your children, nieces, nephews, grandbabies? A world where attacks on someone are ok, where it is acceptable to not only video tape something so vicious but cheer it on? A world where there is no respect for the elderly let alone the human race? 
This is a video made by members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Again please use your own discretion with viewing this video around children.
Now as crazy as it may sound I feel sorry for these people. I am sorry that they have chosen to take the words of the Bible that they hold so dear and twist those words to suit their own agenda. I am sorry that they even use the word christian to describe themselves. I am sorry that they feel it is ok that they try to envoke shame on men and women who not only serve to protect our country but many other countries freedoms. To me this is not a church it is a group of delusional men and women who in claiming they want love and peace they are spewing hate and death. Again I ask is this the kind of world you want your children, nieces, nephews and grandbabies raised in? A world where it is ok to protest at a 9yr old childs funeral because "God hates Catholics" (this little girls family is catholic) and the founder of this "church" thanked God for the shooting in Tuscan that killed 6 innocent people and injured 19 others. 

Teens beating a sleeping homeless man. Again use your discretion viewing around children.
Teens beat an elderly man and woman, killing the man. A "game" being played referred to as the knock out game. Once again use discretion while viewing around children.
These are just a few examples of what our world is coming to. Sadly more and more you hear of teenagers committing crimes like these. It is up to us as parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents to teach our children right from wrong. Our children are our future leaders, they are going to be the ones setting the tone for our next generations. I have 2 daughters, 14 (tomorrow) and 10 years old it scares me to think that one of my babies could be targeted because of their race, sexual orientation, or their beliefs. Is it too much for us to teach our children that just because someone is different than what we think is normal, it is ok? While we may not agree with the choices someone else makes for their lives violence is NOT the answer. I want my girls to be strong, independent, educated women who are full of love and acceptance. Not violent, hate filled, self centered bullies who think their beliefs are the only way. 
Change begins with us!!! So many claim to want to see something different in years to come but do nothing to help that change happen. I as a parent have always tried to tell my girls that just because someone looks different, speaks different, dresses different, acts different than they do does not mean it is wrong. It means that other person has something very special to share with them if they give them a chance. I have a very diverse family which some may argue that is what makes me so opened minded. I think what makes me so open to accepting people for who they are is the fact I am different to them and I think of how I would feel if I wasn't accepted for who I am. I think a lot of the problems today come from the fear of things we don't understand and the lack of wanting to learn about those things. It is much easier to form opinions on things based on what others tell us. Pick up a book, research things that are different so that you can have knowledge in those areas. 
I know this post is a pretty intense one but I am not going to apologize for that. I think it is high time we take responsibility for the things happening in the world and figure out what it is we can do to make the changes we so desperately need. I challenge you to do something this week that will make a difference, something that makes a positive impact on the life of someone who is different than yourselves. It may be somethings as small as giving up a closer parking space, paying for someones lunch, holding the door for someone, read a book to a child in your life that encourages acceptance of others. Change begins with us what are you willing to do?
Peace, Love and Cupcakes

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