Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Simple- Simply Sweet Skin

Simply Sweet Skin

I met Catina the owner of Simply Sweet Skin in a makeup group we are both in. She makes all sorts of bath and body goodies to keep you clean and smelling good. She has soaps, lotions, lip butters, scented body glitter gels, scrubs, perfumes, and face masks. I have to say that she offers different types of most of those categories which is awesome. Soaps there are whipped ($6/4oz), salt bars($5), cupcakes, rubber duckies($5.50), gnomes, and several more. Lotions there are the solid lotion sticks($6.50/small), whipped body frosting($9.25/4oz), and spray lotions($6.50). Perfumes she offers spray oil perfumes($9), solid perfumes($8.50). Scrubs come in salt($9.25/4oz) or sugar($9/4oz). Face treats in several dry face masks($8.25/2oz) that you can mix with your choice of wet ingredient, and reviving facial sprays($5.25/1oz). You can visit her fan page by clicking here to find the latest sale she is offering, which she usually always has some sort of deal going. You can find her Artfire shop by clicking here where you will probably find something I haven't mentioned because she is always creating something new. I decided to do a short interview with Catina, so I am going to share with you now.

1- How long have you been creating bath and body products? 
As a hobby, I have been doing it about 5 years. Selling for about 3. 
2- What made you decide to make bath and body products?
I was a stay at home mom and student. I decided I needed a "hobby" so I picked up one of those soap making kits from Michaels. It was love at first soaping

3- What is your highest selling product?  
My whipped body frosting ($9.25) - that's due to it being completely all natural oils and butters. No added water or fillers.

4- What is your most popular scent? 
Right now it's frosted like cupcake!

5- What is your favorite product and scent? 
I love the whipped creme soap/shaving creme! It's an amazing cleanser and doubles as shaving creme. It contains added evening primrose oil and vitamin E for sensitive skin and to prevent shaving rash. I love Bare Naked scent - very light, tropical and summery!

6- Are there any other crafts you do? If so will you be incorporating them into your bath line? 
I also make household smellies - room/linen spray, wax melts, aroma beads, etc - Not sure if I am going to eventually add them or not.

7- Do you have any new products you're working on?  
Yep! Working on a few different scrubs, a foot spa collection, and some new soaps! Oh, and a Bug-B-Gone stick for summer that isn't full of chemicals! Also, will be selling my hand blended botanical oils soon!

8- Is there anything you want your customers to know about you or your bath line? 
I am a firm believer in being as natural as possible. I absolutely adore blending essential oils and making my own perfumes and scents. I also try not to use bases for the majority of my products. I like to truly hand make them. If they are from a base I don't mind letting that be known.

I took advantage of a 10% off sale and got a sample pack($6) that includes 5 sample sized products. You can choose from solid lotion, solid perfume, perfume oil, dry facial masks, soap/salt bar, whipped body frosting ,sugar/salt scrubs, whipped creme soap, you also get to choose your scent on most of those.
   Cute packaging for my order       
My sample pack

  If you pick soap or the dry face mask Catina will choose those scents for you. I picked whipped body frosting, sugar scrub, whipped creme soap in black raspberry vanilla or frosted lime cupcake, solid lotion and solid Perfume in black raspberry vanilla. Yeah I couldn't make up my mind so I left it up to her lol. Hey for me it is a win win situation, I love bath and body products and love to be surprised when I get a package. Included with my order was a sample size bar of Apricot Freesia bar soap.She normally includes a sample of a product with every order.

Bar soap sample included with my order
I could smell what was in my package before I even opened it, it smelled soooo good. Of course I tore into it immediately and found everything that could leak was packaged separately in ziploc bags and each item was also heat sealed. There was also a little scooper spoon so that you don't have to dig your fingers into the pots. I thought that was a great idea and was a nice special touch that I haven't seen with other companies.

Let's get to the products...they are highly scented but not overwhelming. I had 2 testers on hand when I got my package and we went right to work. We used the creme soap in Frosted lime cupcake on our hands first and this is how I acquired my 3rd tester my nephew. As soon as he smelled the soap in action he asked if it was only for girls and of course I told him no so he joined in. (Testers were my daughters who are 14 and 10, also my nephew who is 9.) It is thick and with not a lot of bubbles but man does it feel good and leave your skin feeling clean. After the creme soap we used the Frosted lime cupcake sugar scrub, it is thick and full of oils to moisturize the skin as you scrub off the dead skin. Then we ended with the Black raspberry vanilla body frosting. It is a thick formula that just soaks right into your skin and doesn't have a greasy feel to it. Out of the 4 of us only one didn't care for the body frosting at first but after a few minutes decided she liked it too, she needed a few extra minutes to let it soak in lol. I would definitely say that using those 3 things was way better for my hands that the Mary Kay Satin Hands treatment I had used a few days before, it had left my hands super dry and so rough feeling. I have used the lotion stick on my hands several times and it is really nice and perfect to carry in your purse or even a pocket. The solid perfume smells so good and seems to last several hours. The bar soap left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized, honestly I preferred the creme version. Wow did I just say that??? I am usually a bar soap kinda girl but I LOVE the creme soap it definitely won me over. My youngest daughter has snagged the bar soap from me and says it smells so good and made her legs not ashy looking and that I can't have it back haha.

I will definitely buy again and recommend to at least give it a try for yourself. The sample pack is a great way to sample several products/scents to decide what is best for you. I received my order rather quickly, everything was packaged nicely, and I loved the little scooper spoon. If you visit her page let her know I sent you, also right now there is a code on her page for first time buyers to receive a nice discount. I want to thank Catina for taking the time to answer my questions so that we could all get to know her a little better.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Opinions here are mine and my chosen testers, the products we tested were purchased by me with the exception of the bar soap which was included graciously by the shop owner.

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