Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fantastic Faces Follow UP Of The Neons

I present to you

on Fantastic Faces and the neons.

After giving a lot of thought to this I have decided that I need to continue publishing on this subject. I am not sure how many posts I will make in the future on Fantastic Faces and the whole neon issue. There are some issues that I have not addressed as of yet and feel I owe it to you to do so.

I want to say that I know that this has to be a very stressful situation for the owner of Fantastic Faces. My hope is that she will take the many resources that have been provided to her and use it to better her company. As stressful as it all may be for Ms. Steph I do not think it warrants the behavior she has shown toward myself and several potential customers, or people trying to help her. I personally have received 2 messages from the owner of Fantastic Faces since I made my post disclosing the ebay supplier. 
While I can understand feeling stressed and upset I am not sure this is the best way to handle the situation. Of course everyone handles their emotions differently. I am just left to think these were sent as some type of intimidation tactic. Which if that's the case I've never been one to back down because of intimidation. Here are a few more examples of the bullying/intimidation that has happened on the fan page of Fantastic Faces.

Here are some examples of replies to messages potential customers have received from the owner of Fantastic Faces.

Here is a concerned person putting the FDA information right at the owners fingertips and her way of handling it.

Notice that someone is pointing out the difference in cosmetic safe and eye safe to her in the comments.
(This happens to be the owner of another cosmetics company)

I would like to add that the owner of Fantastic Faces has since removed most if not all of these posts and comments from her fan page.
Since we are talking about cosmetic safe/eye safe I thought it would be a great time to post pics from 3 different companies labels just in case anyone was wondering about it.

Notice the labels specifically state what each mica is safe for.
Even the labels on bases tell you what it is safe for

Here is an example of a mica label that has a note of not being lip safe.

I would say if a supplier or a cosmetic company refuses to provide you with a list of ingredients it isn't worth buying. Because as you see here reputable suppliers have listed ingredients and where it is safe to use right on the package.

I was hoping that this post would be to let you know that Fantastic Faces had stopped selling the neons and had decided to recall the neons they have already distributed. Sadly that is not the case. As of right now they are still offering these neon soap dyes to their customers.

 Sadly that is not the case.

After posting this on her fan page Friday
and this on her fan page yesterday

Not only is she still selling them to customers, but she is also still offering them as a prize in a contest being held with Skittlezz Stylezz which you can see for yourself by clicking here.

Being that Skittlezz has been witness to all the happenings surrounding the neons not being safe in my opinion makes her just as culpable as Fantastic Faces.

I am happy to tell you that the Ebay seller has taken all neon listings out of their store,
you can click here to find their store. Unfortunately the seller has listed 2 different fluorescent soap micas as eye safe. You can find them by clicking here and also here. Very important also is that TKB has changed their listings for the neon soap dyes to make it so a buyer has to click a box acknowledging that they know it is not cosmetic grade and not to be used in cosmetics. To see these listings click here and search the word neon.

Here are the links for the previous posts I have made concerning this situation


and also

You may also find these links of interest as well

and also

All opinions here are my own.
*You may notice at times some of the links on this post as well as my previous posts concerning this company do not work correctly. This only happens when the Fantastic Faces fan page is temporarily disabled by the owner.*

Peace, Love and Cupcakes


  1. did you notice in that one screenshot, one of the fans posted, "i hope my eye goes down by then???" what made her eye swell in the first place, i wonder...

  2. @Jessie I did notice that comment. That is a good question but,since there are many reasons why an eye would have to go down I can't really answer that.

  3. Yet another well researched, great post illustrating how to NOT run a business! I can't believe the gall of this "woman". I really can't.

    And while I'd really like to make a NASTY comment, which would be totally insulting. However, even as "Snarky" as I am... I'm not cruel. Suffice it to say, she's on *my* personal never, ever ever EVER buy list. No matter what she makes.

  4. @Snarky P thank you, I think it is very important to do as much research as possible when it comes to an issue such as this.

  5. Great post:) I think FF has been added to a whole lot of "never buy" lists by now.

    It's interesting that TKB has added the check box to their neon listings now. Pretty worrisome that enough people have been using neons unsafely to warrant it though...especially considering that TKB is already so clear about listing safety with everything!

  6. I think it is absolutely crazy that this seller is choosing to believe that her neons are safe even though a simple web search shows that there are no eye-safe neons in the U.S. or that she refuses to divulge her ingredients. As the founder of new indie cosmetic company I put in months of research before even listing my very first product and that included what the FDA expected from me as far as labeling and safety guidelines.

    I feel bad that her supplier misled her but how many ways can she be told that something is wrong before she looks into it and does the right thing for her customers. Sheesh. This is so reminiscent of GS.

  7. @Caitie Thank you I was very happy to see that TKB realizes that there is a problem with people buying the neons and selling them as cosmetics. The change they made in their listings get 2 thumbs up from me.

    @Jen D I think it is great that you took your time and did research needed and congrats on opening your shop :o)

  8. I agree on the moves that the supplier has taken to make sure they don't mislead their clients. I hope to one day learn to mix my own pigments or be able to afford the mica and this has taught me to do my research and read everything. If there are any questions to contact the supplier.

  9. I don't know if it has anything to do with this incident, but Ms. Stephanie announced sometime yesterday that she is closing temporarily. As far as I can tell, that's all the warning she gave. She didn't make any real mention as to why, either, but what would you expect from her after all of this bs? Hopefully if she does come back, she won't be selling soap dyes as eyeshadow anymore. *fingers crossed*

  10. @Jessica I hope that while taking this time off that some research on ingredients and proper labeling be done for not only the sake of the customers but for herself too. I wish Ms. Stephanie the very best in whichever path she chooses to take.



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