Friday, June 10, 2011

The case of the neons

I am going to try to shed some light on a topic of discussion lately regarding neon pigments. I hope that if you clicked the link to read this that you will hear me out to the end. I am sure there will be some who will disagree with me on some points and I can respect that. Without further ado I bring to you...


Neon eye shadows are they safe or not? The short answer is NO in the United States there are no FDA eye approved neon eye shadows. You can read the FDA list by clicking here it clearly states what is and isn't safe for use around the eyes.

With that out of the way let me move on to a cosmetic companies responsibility to their customers.
First a seller has the responsibility to do the research required to put out cosmetics that are safe for the use they are marketed for. They need to research ingredients that are safe for different parts of the body. There are some that are not safe for lips, some not safe for eyes, some not safe for either. There are ingredients that have to have a batch certification #, some that are known to be at a higher rate for irritation to happen. There are ingredients that are not vegan and for a company to be vegan they need to be aware of those ingredients. A seller could have a customer who is allergic to a certain ingredient and if they have not done their research they could be putting customers at risk. 
Secondly a seller is responsible for knowing the FDA labeling guidelines for the products they produce. You can find the FDA labeling manual by clicking here. It is required that full sized cosmetic products must be labeled with ingredients, their use, and place of origin on each individual jar. A seller should know that by law they do have to disclose the ingredients to their customers as well. That is not just for a customers safety but also for the seller. Not disclosing ingredients opens a seller up for possible lawsuits if for some reason customers have some type of reaction to a product. 
This also applies to the supplier that a company buys from, they have to provide ingredients as well as MSDS information.
Thirdly a seller is responsible for maintaining good customer service. Here are a few examples of customer service issues. 
Communication I think is THE most important in customer service. As a seller you need to take the time to listen to your customers whether it be praise, requests, questions, concerns and even complaints. Customers can be your best friends or your worst enemies and a lot of that depends on how you respond to them. If a customer asks a question don't be short or rude with them, answer them without making them feel like they are bothering you or that their question is stupid. If there is an issue with an order email them. let them know what's going on. In most cases a customer will be very understanding because you took the time to communicate with them and didn't just blow them off.
TAT (turn around time) have a decent TAT and stick to it. Don't tell customers 2-4 days and then it take you 10. It is always better to give a longer TAT than to make it shorter. I see more unhappy customers because a company has passed their TAT. 
Which leads to shipping, ship in a timely manner, package the items so that they wont spill, leak or get broken in transit. Take the time to add extra little touches to a package, it doesn't have to be expensive or super fancy. You would be surprised at how many ladies comment on how cute packaging is and how they will buy again because of that.
The last responsibility I'm going to talk about, a seller should also be committed to their business. I personally think a seller who truly loves and is committed to what they do makes for a better business owner. You will see it in every aspect from their packaging, labels, communication, and quality of the products they produce.

Now I know you are wondering where the neon issue is going to rear its ugly head well here we go.
There has been controversy surrounding a few companies who have sold neon eye shadows, the most recent I know of is a newer company I found on Facebook. I have struggled with deciding if I should name that company here or not and have decided that I am not going to. I feel like to be as fair as possible if I call out one I should call out all of them. So for now I will keep the name to myself in hopes that the owner will take the time to read this and maybe question their supplier. Now let me say we as customers have the right to know what is going on our faces, and by law a seller has to provide those ingredients to us. We don't have to have the actual recipe you use, we just want to know what is in it for our safety. For some they are makeup artists and use their products on numerous people so the possibility of coming across someone with an allergy or sensitivity is much higher. For a MUA to use products on a client without knowing ingredients is just as irresponsible as a seller not providing them. The seller I am still choosing to keep unnamed at this point has told their customers and potential customers numerous times that the neon shadows they sell are 100% eye safe. They have said that the supplier they get them from sells them as eye safe. Now we as customers have to have at least a little faith and confidence in the companies we buy from and the same goes for the company buying from their supplier.

Due to recent events I have decided to post this as is and do a follow up on this company. Please be patient with me while I get that post together for you. I will tell you I have tried to be nice, I have offered this company help, I even provided them with proof that they are selling unsafe products.


  1. what's the point of this tirade if you're not even going to help your readers recognize a company that has unsafe business practices



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